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Pei Qian came to a comprehension after deep thoughts.

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It was his way of expression! If the audience were to put themselves in the shoes of the protagonist of Tomorrow is Beautiful, they would definitely feel sad and frustrated that they would rather die.

However, this was a movie.

Zhu Xiaoce used a special method to enable the audiences to maintain God’s view. None of them could feel the way the protagonists felt. That led them to be unable to read more into it and be more empathetic.

Therefore, the meaning changed immediately.

That was the greatest failure of Tomorrow is Beautiful to Pei Qian. There was just a thin line between making huge losses and making huge profits.

Therefore, Pei Qian concluded that giving poison to the audience itself was not a wrong view. Otherwise, no one would say ‘bow down to reality’. He had to be tactical about how he fed the poison.

He had to make the feeling very strong! As long as he could bring everyone into the tragic character, then it would definitely bring about his desired effect.

Pei Qian felt that he had found the crux of the problem why Tomorrow is Beautiful was profitable. He just needed to test his theory out.

However, how should he test it out...?

The Fei Huang Workspace was taken out by Pei Qian. Moreover, he would not want to touch movies again in the short term. Once bitten, twice shy. In comparison, games were a form of art to bring into! Some suffering in the movies would not arouse too much resentment. However, it would be different if the protagonist were to be bullied as the player.

Of course, some people might say that Repent and be Saved had not aroused the resentment of players but made the players very happy instead.