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He gained his senses back and put down the controller. Then, he grabbed his unopened coffee and threw it around his hands meaninglessly. …It looks like he has it pretty bad.

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He took a deep sigh and turned to me before sitting upright again.

“Sorry, …I got the chance to come to bother you, yet this happened.”

“Uh, I’m not mad at you. It’s just that, well, this is the same everything. …The so-called entertainment, there’s no need to force yourself to do it when you’re not feeling it, right?”

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“Well, …you’re right. …Sorry, I was being impolite to gaming as well.”

He held his canned coffee tightly and looked at my eyes again as he continued.

“So, this is to wipe out all of my cowardly emotions. Kiriya-sama, since you’re an experienced university student, there’s something that I want to talk to you about…”

“O-Okay, ask me anything. I’ll answer you since I’m older.”

Ay, I should say that I’m an “onee-san” studying at university. I guess this part won’t affect anything, right. Yep.

I patted my thin chest and urged Keita to say it out loud. So, he cleared his throat with a cough and sat upright. “Well…” …He threw the question at me.

“How should I get along with my ex-girlfriend?”

“That’s an explosively normie question.”

It’s way off from what I can answer. I, Ayumu Kiriya, never went out with someone before, and I likely never will. Of course, I won’t have a so-called “ex-girlfriend.” …It’s more like before I can even answer this question, my body and soul are both of a girl. It’s hard for me to imagine an “ex-girlfriend” out.

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Sweat appeared on my forehead. I decided to get more intel out of Keita first.

“Uh, …w-what kind of question is that? Is it like something for your friend? Or, don’t tell me it’s your own problem, Keita?”

“Eh? Ah, …I guess you can say it’s something my friend encountered too…”