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How to make money online agricultural bank

The length of one star was short, but it was still longer than two stars.

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The comments were not great, but they were not bad either.

As for the gamers’ reviews, they were mixed.

Pei Qian looked through all the gaming platforms, websites, and forums; just to look for more reviews on Ocean Stronghold. He even found a couple of hot topics that discussed Ocean Stronghold, Counter Strike, and Bullet Hole.

In the end, all of it left Pei Qian even more confused.

“I didn’t think that a domestically-produced game could do so well in terms of its story mode. Five stars for sure!”

“Four stars! I’m taking one away for its name. This is a great game that nearly got hidden away thanks to its name!”

“The final scene where the Ocean Stronghold exploded, and the little girl was taken away moved me to tears! It’s so moving indeed! I was very sucked into the main lead’s character. Few domestically-produced games made me feel this way!”

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“This game’s PVP mode is very novel. The biochemical mode and apparition mode are ingenious creations, and they’re very fun as well! I am a handicap that’s always being tortured in PVP mode, and yet I could still have so much fun playing in biochemical mode!”

“Are the people praising this game all fake reviewers bought over by the gaming company? What lousy hand sensitivity. How dare they praise this game?”

“Lousy hand sensitivity? What a joke. Just because you’re not used to the hand sensitivity, you’re saying it’s lousy? I think this game is much more fun than Counter Strike. The feeling of making countless headshots is amazing!”

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“This lame game is selling one weapon for 888 dollars, and the various weapons are even split into different types. How do they have the cheek to say that this is a competitive game? It’s insulting to other competitive games!”

“I don’t think anyone here called it a competitive game… and only a few ballers would bother buying that Red Kilin, right? Every other part of the game is free-of-charge. Even the game itself is free! What’s more, the Red Kilin adds very little to the game overall. I think the creators were already being very kind!”

“I think so, too. Bullet Hole, on the other hand…”

“Hehe, please stop talking about Bullet Hole. We’re talking about Ocean Stronghold and Counter Strike now. Whoever talks about Bullet Hole is inviting all the fake reviewers!”

“Holy sh*t, how do you justify your Ocean Stronghold stealing the thunder of our Bullet Hole? Aren’t you ashamed?”

“Stealing your thunder? Stop messing around. Your game is rubbish. Naturally, gamers would run over to Ocean Stronghold. Talk about stealing your thunder… might as well say that Counter Strike is stealing your thunder as well.”

Pei Qian’s head was beginning to hurt.

He did not understand; he really did not understand!