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“Mm-hmm, the new releases are indeed around 6,000 yen…Hmm, what’s this game, it’s over 10,000 yen! First limited edition? Uh, it contains a setting manual and an in-game DLC? …Tasuku, what’s DLC? I heard that from you before, but I forgot.”

“Ah, that’s the abbreviation of downloadable content. To put it simply, you can acquire new content for the game via the internet. From this example…uh, it seems that it allows you to purchase the character’s costumes…”

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“Eh? This means that you’re spending real money to buy clothing of the character in-game? For real?”


Aguri-san gave us three gamers a contempt look. Tendou-san and Chiaki immediately started looking for an excuse after they received that.

“I-I’m t-totally uninterested in that kind of DLCs.”

“M-Me too! I’m not buying a clothing DLC either!”

“You two sound like you’re going to buy them if the content isn’t clothing…”


The two girls plopped their heads down as their faces turned pale. Just as the price tag argument is leaning more and more to the opposite side…the boys camp – Uehara-kun and I looked to the side as we mumbling quietly.

“…We would usually buy swimsuits or something like that…”


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Uehara-kun and I received a wave of despising look from the three girls as we straightened our back…Hmm, perhaps we shouldn’t bring that up in front of our girlfriends. As for Chiaki, she’s a player that vehemently disagrees on moe elements. Swimsuits DLC can’t survive in this environment.

Uehara-kun and I looked away as we whistled. Then, Aguri-san let out a sigh.

“…You guys mentioned that it’s weird to compare games to T-shirts. But, if you have the money to buy clothing for your in-game character, shouldn’t you just dress up for yourself…”


This time, including Uehara-kun, all the Game Hobby Club members sweatdropped.