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Online money making method

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In her opinion, this was the poshest restaurant in the entire Jingzhou City. Not only were the dishes delicious, but the atmosphere and service were impeccable as well. It was extremely suited to be used as a place for private banquets and dining to entertain some esteemed clients and bosses.

To use such a place for the company’s internal gatherings?

It was a little too much!

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Furthermore, Boss Pei forked out from his own pocket for each gathering. It was hard to imagine exactly how much Boss Pei was spending on employee benefits and welfare.

However, wasn’t this precisely Boss Pei’s character and mannerisms?

Lin Wan sighed emotively; Boss Pei was really someone that held onto his original beliefs.

Although he already treated his employees exceedingly well, surpassing the standards of a majority of companies; he still wasn’t satisfied and had not stopped trying to improve their welfare!

At this moment, Lin Wan had a burning desire to want to help Boss Pei to share his burdens.

Lin Wan knew very well how tired being a boss could be.

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Of course, every boss was different. Some were born with a silver spoon and had inherited fortunes from a young age. Every decision they made, they had professionals to provide advice and guidance. Their family status and connections also provided them with unlimited financing and investment opportunities.

This type of boss wasn’t the tired kind.

However, Boss Pei wasn’t this type of boss. He was an ordinary one that had created this company from the ground-up.

For new companies like Tengda, they naturally had greater pressures on churning out revenue and profits. While it was more manageable because of its size, that also meant that its ability to withstand hardships was weaker. Once a mistake was made, that might spell the end of these companies.

Under these circumstances, many bosses of such companies were all very careful and mindful of spending, constantly thinking of ways to reduce costs.