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"So… you are not a disgusting, nerdy boy with BL tendency..."

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She paused for a moment, then smiled gently.

“But a kind-hearted, disgusting, nerdy boy with BL tendency.”

“I don’t feel happy about that upgrade at all! And why am I still suspected of BL!?”

"…… Sigh. The truth is, I could feel since I started dating Tasuku… that he is probably not that interested in me.”

Aguri-san smiled bitterly as she fiddled with the water droplets on the cup. My mood also turned sour.

"… Even so, your feelings for Uehara-san remains the same, right?"

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"Ah, yes of course!"

Aguri-san smiled without any doubt in her heart. I stiffened my face.

“It feels like… Because you always seem so sad, so I don't really get it. Are you… fine with that?”

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“Ahaha, it’s not a matter of me being fine with it. I like him means I like him, there is no helping it.”

“B-But think about it, if both parties fall for someone whom they can converse more comfortably with──"

For some reason, the image of Tendo-san’s face kept flashing across my mind. That’s right, I shouldn’t push myself up this unscalable wall, I need to be more practical about this, or else…

"Ahaha, Amano-chi, you are really stupid!”

I took a look, and Aguri-san was gazing my way with a ‘what are you saying?’ expression on her face. She said with a nonchalant tone, as if she was regurgitating the truth of the world:

“Love, isn’t something that you plan for, but something you fall into unknowingly.”

"When you encounter such a situation, you can’t help it, it is like meeting with an accident. Even if it hurts, even if you are not good enough for the other person… Well, since you have fallen, it can’t be helped.”


W-Why do I feel so sad too!? I wasn’t a man mature enough to meddle in other’s love affairs… Even so…