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“Eh? S-study group? No, we didn’t want to join because he’s too popular… We’re going to cram the day before the test. It’s worked since middle school.”

To Ike’s words, Yamauchi nodded two, three times. They seem to have somehow managed by cramming last-minute for the past few years.

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“That kind of thinking suits you two. However, the probability of getting kicked out of school is pretty high right now.”

“You’re the same as ever, whatever that means.”

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Sudou appeared while scowling at Horikita. Looks like Sudou was also caught in Kushida’s trap.

“The one who should be the most worried is you, Sudou-kun. You look like you have absolutely no worries about dropping at of school.”

“You already knew that. If you’re not careful, I’ll beat you up. I’m busy with basketball right now. It’ll be good enough to study right before the test.”

“C-calm down, Sudou.”

Ike tried to calm down Sudou, as if he didn’t know what he said in the chat.

“Hey, Sudou-kun. Won’t you try studying one more time? You can probably barely pass the test by cramming. However, if it doesn’t work, you won’t be able to play basketball here anymore, you know?”

“That’s… but I don’t want to receive ‘charity’ from this girl. I haven’t forgotten the words you threw at me the other day. If you’re going to ask, apologize first. With sincerity.”

Sudou declared that, showing hostility against Horikita. Personally, I think that even though he feels that it’s dangerous to not study, he was more insulted by her words about basketball.

Of course, Horikita wouldn’t apologize so easily. There’s no one that would openly brag about having been wrong with their own mouth.