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The audience, who had been excited up until a while ago, dropped dead silent.

「J-Jean Bael unable to continue! Winner, Allen Rodore! …That was simply overwhelming! Even though he is still a first-year, the sight of him easily defeating a third-year is fear instilling!」

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As I was about to get off the special stage after succeeding in “Dojo Yaburi”,

「Not yet…」

Jean-san grabbed the hem of my pants.

「T-The real Thousand Blade Festival… is still to come.」

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He said, and lost consciousness.

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(The『Real Thousand Blade Festival』?)

What does that mean?

When I got off the stage with that question in mind,

「Allen, that was amazing!」

「I’d like to exchange swords with you again someday too.」

Ria and Rose said, laughing proudly.

After that, I chose the big stuffed hippo from among the luxury prizes and gave it to Ria.

「Ria, it’s the stuffed hippo you wanted.」