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Zhang Yahui felt a little light-headed. “But Boss Pei, isn’t that the same as the work at the food laboratory at the Cold-Faced Lady?”

Qi Yan wanted Zhang Yahui to be the person-in-charge of the Gourmet Laboratory. She also wanted to poach famous vendors from all over the country to hire them or spend money to buy formulas. Now, Boss Pei wanted to send them to the snack bazaar. Which side should they listen to?

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Pei Qian cleared his throat. “Erm, the snack market and the Cold-Faced Lady’s Gourmet Laboratory are two different directions of development. With your talent, it’s a waste of your talent to be in charge of the Gourmet Laboratory. Only by being in charge of my project can you achieve better development.”

“As for the Cold-Faced Lady, you don’t have to worry. It’s all Tengda’s internal arrangements. Qi Yan will understand. The key is still your personal opinion.”

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Zhang Yahui thought to himself, was there a need to consider? The treatment on both sides were on a completely different level!

The Gourmet Laboratory was just a department under the Cold-Faced Lady. In other words, Zhang Yahui’s immediate superior was Qi Yan. He Desheng of Dream Realization Ventures was above him, and Boss Pei was above him.

However, the snack market was a project personally arranged by Boss Pei. He could report directly to Boss Pei, which meant that he had been promoted two levels without any reason!

They were obviously not on the same level no matter whether it was treatment or actual resources.

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This snack market did not sound as grand as the ‘Gourmet Laboratory’, but he could not just look at the name. They had to look at the specific responsibilities.

Strictly speaking, the work of the Gourmet Laboratory was relatively boring. It was nothing more than going to various places to look for famous vendors. Then, they would modify the formulas they provided and make new products that could be mass-produced for the Cold-Faced Lady’s shop.

On the other hand, the work of the snack market would be more complicated. It would be more like operating a large shopping mall or a food street.

To Zhang Yahui, the reason why he chose to leave his hometown and came to Beijing was definitely because he was not satisfied with his identity as a vendor. He hoped to work hard to achieve his career.