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It was obvious from the trip that Boss Pei had the strictest requirements for his own employees!

Ziran nodded. “No problem, Boss Pei. I’ll definitely complete the task!”

Pei Qian was very satisfied. He looked at Bao Xu and continued, “There’s something else.”

“It’s also written in your plan. In order to ensure safety, everyone must undergo special training before setting off, including physical training and basic knowledge learning.”

“Where should I give this special training?”

Bao Xu said, “Er… I haven’t thought about that yet. However, since physical fitness training is the main focus, let’s train in Deposit Fitness.”

Pei Qian immediately shook his head. “That wouldn’t do!”

“Physical training is only part of the training. More importantly, you have to adapt to the various requirements of the wild.”

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“You can lift iron and train your muscles in the gym. You can indeed strengthen your body, but it doesn’t mean much when you travel outside.”

“I think we should practice rock climbing, quick drop, catching fish, lighting fires, setting up tents, and other practical skills.”

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“It’s very difficult to train your muscles quickly. What’s more, if you train your muscles, you’ll only be a reckless man. You’ll definitely be better than ordinary people in that special environment, but it won’t be of much use.”

“Ziran, what do you think?”

She hesitated, and then said, “Er… Boss Pei, you’re right, of course.