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“Well, I guess so… but I think that’s it’s okay if it’s you three.”

Hasebe seems to have her own ideas.

I thought it was the right time, so I decided to throw out a question.

“Hasebe, I have something ask you, alright?”

“Are you and Satō close?”

“Satō-san? Nope, we’re not super close or anything, and in the first place, I don’t like large groups, you know? If you’re interested in Satō-san, wouldn’t it be better to ask Karuizawa-san?”

If that was possible, then I wouldn’t be having a hard time with this.

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It’s a difficult problem to talk about with someone who is involved in the situation.

“What about it?”

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I don’t know how to say it, and I know that I can’t tell the truth. Yukimura noticed that I was in a bind and said:

“I understand why you feel concerned since she’s your partner for the finals. It’s disturbing to not know their strengths and weaknesses.”

“Aah, is that so? You said that some time ago.”

“Even if I wanted to ask directly, we don’t have much common ground, so I can’t really do that.”

Giving her condolences, Hasebe put both of her hands together.

However, she thought up a new idea and made a new proposal.

“If it’s hard to ask Karuizawa-san, why not ask Kyō-chan? She and Satō-san are very close, and you should be able to ask Kyō-chan, right?”

“Huh? Kyō-chan?”

I had never heard the nickname she was using before, so I had no choice but to ask who she’s talking about.