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Indeed, my thoughts are often misunderstood, and I am true to myself and never compromised with this world.

However, the ones who had been misinterpreting me had always been your lot!

Why would I have fallen to such a state if it was not because you all had been trying to explain my ‘true intentions’?

And this Old Qiao, forget about how you interpreted my game and made me make a lot of money. Now, you can’t even let my secret haunted house slip?

Are you still a human? Must you wipe me out?

Pei Qian trembled in the cold. The entire world would not become any better!

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However, he quickly adjusted his mentality since he had experienced something like that too many times.

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Pei Qian continued watching.

The following contents in the video were mainly shot in Thriller Hostel and Fish-Catching Internet Cafe; however, the relationship between the scene and the content was not strong. He did not shoot the scenes in the three projects either, probably to prevent spoilers.

The focus of the video was still on the ‘interpretation’.

Qiao Liang’s unique voice was very recognizable; he spoke at a comfortable pace.

“At present, everyone’s doubts about Thriller Hostel can mainly be summarized to the three key points below.

“First, it was just a haunted house. It might be playable but is not worth a trip.

“Second, it is very scary and is only suitable for experienced horror lovers.

“Third, it’s pricing is a huge problem which will directly restrict its future development, and its prospects are worrying.