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“This has become an unsolved mystery. I’ve always wanted to know if it is the BP that is bad or the player that is bad? ”

“Let’s organize a BP verification competition to answer this confusion!”

Chen Yufeng’s eyes lit up. “I understand now, Boss Ma!”

“You’re saying that we’ll organize a competition that will only allow the original DGE Team One and Team Two, as well as the members of FV Team and SUG Team to participate. They will be divided into GOG Group and IOI Group.”

“Then, we’ll look for a few more controversial BP plans online.”

“The characteristics of these proposals are: The coach and players felt that they could play and chose them in the main competition, but the bullet screen audience felt that they could not play.”

“Let’s invite two teams to fight each other to test whether it was the lineup that was not good enough or the players that were not good enough!”

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“The audience would want to see it if we do this!”

Chen Yufeng could already imagine how grand the bullet screen comments would be once the competition was organized.

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If the trainers in the bullet screen comments thought that the ‘Brainiac BP’ had won, there would definitely be a large group of people spamming ‘Brainiac BP’. It would mean that the team members were not strong enough and the coach is to be blamed’. On the other hand, if the trainers in the bullet screen comments thought that the’ Brainiac BP ‘had lost, there would definitely be a large group of people spamming’ Look, say that this BP is trash. Even the five top players would not be able to win. Didn’t I say that this coach is trash!’

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It was hard to say if the competition would be more exciting than the ICL and GPL leagues, but the intensity of the bullet screen comments would definitely not be fake. The topic of the competition would definitely not be low!

What’s more, the audience would get tired of watching ordinary events or competitions. However, this competition could be held multiple times.

That was because the tactics of each team would change with every update. There would always be a new “brainless BP” that needed to be verified by this “BP verification competition”.

Even though the original DGE members had been dispersed to various teams and played the main force in their respective positions, they had a good relationship with each other and also had tacit understanding. If they could reorganize DGE’s two teams, they could use the time where there was no competition to play this “BP verification competition”.

Boss Pei had given them ample publicity funds. The teams were on good terms with Tengda’s E-Sports department. Everyone would definitely cooperate if they were to sponsor these teams.

Even the coaches of each team would pay attention to this competition if it was done well. They would see how strong the BP would be in the top teams and what details the top teams would have when they played this lineup. This was also a good thing for the improvement of the entire competition zone.

Most importantly, this competition could only be held by Bunny Tail because there was no other live-stream platform that could invite the original DGE Club members!

Chen Yufeng immediately perked up. He had been a little dispirited before, but now, he had found a new direction.

“Boss Ma, this idea of yours is amazing! Great minds think alike!”