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This also meant that Tengda had to be more cautious when it came to burning money.

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Zhao Xuming and Eric both guessed that the 515 Games Festival that Tengda Corporation was organizing this time was likely to just all talk with no action. It was mainly to brag and would not widen the gap between it and Finger Games.

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The game was different from other industries. The skins would no longer have any cost after it was completed. However, excessive selling would also stimulate players’ passion for consumption. If they were to spend crazily during this period of time, they would spend less in the future. In the long term, they would still reduce their income.

That was why most games companies would not offer discounts when new games were released. They would wait a few months until the popularity subsided before offering discounts to attract players who had not experienced it.

On the other hand, Tengda Corporation’s capital chain was already a little tight. The preferential strategy for the 515 Games Day could not be so radical. Otherwise, the risk would be too high.

Of course, Boss Pei’s style had always been erratic. Many competitors who had tried to predict Boss Pei’s actions had all failed, and the consequences of failure were extremely serious.

Thus, Zhao Xuming did not dare to let his guard down. He could only relax after the specific preferential strategy for the 515 Game Festival was announced.

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Eric was probably paying attention as well.

Zhao Xuming looked at the time. It was already past midnight.

There was no need to deliberately look for the specific rules of the 515 Games Festival. That was because the official website of all Tengda Games and most of the websites in the industries under them had released announcements for this new festival as long as they were slightly related to it!

GOG’s game client also displayed the publicity page for the 515 Games Day event at the most eye-catching location. The details were written on it.

Zhao Xuming immediately clicked on it.

In just five minutes, his expression turned ugly and his originally calm expression became shocked.

However, there was a hint of confusion and even surprise in his shock.

The reason why he was shocked was because the details had completely exceeded his expectations!