Is it true that the chat is true?

Is it true that the chat is true?

But I haven’t decided which I’m going to be joining yet.

Due to the name『Swordsmanship Club』, I’m a little interested in it, but that’s about it.

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「I haven’t decided yet either. Let’s go check them out, after class?」

「I don’t mind of course.」

「I agree, let’s go together!」

Thus, the three of us decided to see the activities of each club together after classes were over.

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After that, the soul dress class was done under the supervision of Leia-sensei from first period to the fifth period.

「Fuu, today was also intense…」

「Soul dress class is mentally taxing rather than physically…」

「I kinda feel languid…」

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Then for a little while, we took a break in our seats.

We drank water, stretched a little, and as the fatigue wore off,