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“In other words, this should not sound like cursing... but a feeling of ‘yin and yang’ or the unconscious contempt of the top students towards the flunkies.

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“Just like in some film and television dramas, people with high IQ tend to be a bit toxic and will say some lines such as ‘the IQ of the whole street is lowered by you’—which can actually highlight his personality!

“Speaking of this, there are a lot of words available in ancient poems, and they can be used in communication!”

Chang You took out his mobile phone and searched the Internet for ‘poems that scold people without swearing’, and the results were out in no time.

“Your body and reputation may be destroyed, but the rivers would not stop flowing; the ant thinks too highly of itself in its want to conquer the giant tree; even the rats have known their place, what about humans who did not; rotten wood cannot be carved, a wall of dung cannot withstand any weather; ignorant people who only knew brands...

“So many poems, so appropriate!

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“In this way, the image of AEEIS will be even more perfect.

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“The cold mechanical and electronic sound, efficient and concise answers... when the same question is repeatedly asked, it will show ‘concern’ to the user—which is very smart. There is also a wealth of knowledge reserves... it can use poetry and famous sentences to communicate with users...

“In addition to the basic functions, such personalized content can actually make users better remember AEEIS and stand out among the many intelligent voice assistants!

“With the continuous improvement of Useful App content, functions of AEEIS will continue to grow, and its areas of expertise will gradually expand in the future, such as all aspects of daily life and knowledge in various professional fields.

“In the future, AEEIS can even link with all apps of Tengda’s other industries and become the center of Tengda’s industries together with OTTO mobile phones...

“In short, anything can happen with imagination!”

Yu Pingan couldn’t help but give a thumbs-up: “Vice-President Chang is amazing! I think that’s exactly what Boss Pei has in mind too!

“If there is anything you need us to cooperate with, Vice-President Chang, just let me know.”

“The content of our first stage is mainly for literary content, especially ancient poems. While making the content, we can also arrange for someone to cooperate with you to pick out those ancient poems that can express emotions and give them to AEEIS!”

Chang You nodded: “Well, thanks! At that time, the new version of OTTO OS and the newly developed fully automatic intelligent bar lifter will be equipped with AEEIS intelligent assistant.

“When the product is well-received, I will tell Boss Pei that I will use a part of the profit to subsidize Useful App’s projects, and I will definitely not let you work in vain!”