Internet selling movies can make money

Internet selling movies can make money

Che Rong took it and realized that there was a very simple message on it: The Fitness Battle had a VR version!


Che Rong’s eyes widened in disbelief.

He might not have played this game nor seen the game’s graphics but he could imagine what kind of state it would be in just by imagining it.

The Fitness Battle was a very successful game to begin with. After changing it to a VR version, the basic gameplay of the game would not change. However, the way it was displayed had changed. It would definitely be a successful game!

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The only thing that confused Che Rong was when did this happen?

Not even Boss Li knew about it!

This was a pleasant surprise.

Li Shi smiled. “Actually, you don’t have to be too surprised.”

“I already said that if you cooperate with Boss Pei, Boss Pei will naturally give you more benefits as long as you show some goodwill. Cooperating with Boss Pei will never be a loss!”

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“You don’t think that Boss Pei is going to help you just by giving you some investment, do you?”

“Also, look at this.”

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Li Shi opened Aili Island’s website on his cell phone and found Lin Jiaqiang’s video.

In the video, Lin Jiaqiang was still insisting on using the smart fitness drying rack to work out and check in every day.

His figure had undergone earth-shaking changes!