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Ryuuen-kun seemed to be slightly in thought, then he made this proposal.

"I don't have time to leisurely talk this out. Once the lunch break ends, I've got a Recommended Participation Only event starting. I'll be participating as well so I'd like to round things up here. Letting the bigwigs make the judgement would be best though".

After looking at me, Kushida-san and Kinoshita-san once, Ryuuen-kun spoke again.

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"I don't mind if we can strike a quick and easy deal".

"Strike a deal?".

"I'm talking about you shouldering any losses incurred by Kinoshita and Class C".

"That's not funny, I don't even have to listen to this".

If so, the amount of recompensation to be paid won't be cheap. Besides, I'd end things on a bad note.

"Then we're done. You won't strike a deal but you're telling us to not report this to the bigwigs. That's too selfish of you, Suzune. This won't fly".

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"Wait. What exactly should we do.....?".

Interrupting me, Kushida-san listens to Ryuuen-kun's proposal.

"You seem to understand things well. That's right.....if you'll fork over 1 million points then I'll have Kinoshita withdraw her complaint. That way we'll be able to prepare a substitute for the Recommended Only Participation events and Kinoshita will be able to acquire a 'special income' thanks to me as well. Simple enough right?".

"Don't be ridiculous. I haven't done anything. I don't need to hand a single point over".

"Then go ahead and prove it, Suzune. Let's make a clear distinction between black and white. Ok?".

"You all seem to be very confident in yourselves. You think your lies won't be exposed?".

"We're going to prove that we aren't lying. Let's have the Student Council President-sama deliver his judgement".

Ryuuen-kun knows about me and the student council other words, he's provoking me with a tone that implies he's figured out Nii-san. As for me, I absolutely cannot do something that would cause Nii-san any trouble.

The sister of the student council president committed disruptive acts and deliberately caused injuries. If such a rumor were to spread, the damage Nii-san receives would be immeasurable. It's the same trick as before but unlike that time, there are no openings for escape.

In Sudou-kun's case, they pretended to be victims based on the premise that 'nobody would be watching'. But this is different.