2018 online earning team

2018 online earning team

“He became popular by successfully interpreting Boss Pei. His interpretation was not only about games launched by Tengda Corporation but also about various game-related products and even corresponding marketing methods.”

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“I saw him at Thriller Hostel before. He might not look special, but he is definitely one of the people who understand Boss Pei the most in this world!”

“I watch his videos every time. I might not understand the contents of many games but I can still learn a lot about Boss Pei’s business thoughts from him. It is very helpful to understand Boss Pei!”

Che Rong was a little shocked. “Really? I failed to recognize a formidable person.”

“What is this video talking about?”

Li Shi: “It’s about how this pair of glasses and these two games will start the VR era!”

Che Rong nodded slightly, but he subconsciously felt that this was a little exaggerated.

This pair of glasses and two games were done well but it was too early to say that they were “starting the VR era”, right?

It was just like the era of mobile games. It was also completed after several years.

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First, the hardware reached the standards. Then, within a few years, mobile games kept expanding, developing, and evolving. One by one, explosive games kept expanding the gamers. In the end, mobile games reached their current size.

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Now, based on the market share of VR equipment, it was basically a niche in the niche. It was far from being comparable to mainframes, computers, cell phones, and other platforms.

That sounded like a sensational headline.

However, since Boss Li thought so highly of it, it meant that the video probably had its merits.

Che Rong did not say much and clicked on the video.

“My dear daddies, hello. I am still your ‘father of games’, Teacher Qiao. Welcome to the second half of the video. Join me to witness how Doubt VR and Animal Island will start the VR era!”

It was still the same iconic voice. However, it sounded a little hoarse perhaps because he had been working too hard recently.

Qiao Liang had worked overnight to produce this video. Fortunately, he was filled with inspiration. The synopsis was written naturally, so it was produced relatively quickly.