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".....if that's the case then wouldn't it have been fine to go along with my plan?".

"It's not like your plan is necessarily a just one, right?".

"I don't understand. Choosing the option that gives the class the best possibility of winning, ultimately results in the acquisition of large amounts of private points. The points won from winning matches here and there are insignificant. If you say that's wrong, then I'd like you to give me a clear reason why".

"I didn't say you were wrong. I'm just saying that's not the only answer".

The 'expendable pawns' sent to collide into and crush the formidable enemies will end the sports festival without having gained any points. Well, Horikita understands that much at least. It's just that she's taken that as a necessary sacrifice in order to rise up.

"It's just that the other students aren't all looking ahead like you are".

"Then, next up is the composite plan from Karuizawa-san. Win where we have to, and have fun where we can. People in favor of this plan please raise your hands".

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Other than the Karuizawa group, while scattered hands began to rise. There were several votes. However, just by Karuizawa having raised her hand, one after another girls followed her example.

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"...the result of the majority vote is.....16 votes for Horikita-san's plan and 13 votes for Karuizawa-san's plan. Can I assume the rest are non-voters?".

The total count was completed without any objections. It can be said that the votes Karuizawa had gathered weren't due to the contents of her plan but rather because they were instructed to do so.

It's not that this is because confidence in Karuizawa is low but rather simply because Horikita's plan is realistic for a victory and efficient, is what everyone must have realized. Class D's strategy will be to act to win not as individuals, but as a class, is what has been decided.


Since it was approved by a majority vote, Karuizawa won't let any dissatisfaction leak here.

"This concludes it then, Karuizawa-san. Now then, Hirata-kun, I'll leave the rest up to you".

Changing her mind, Karuizawa too needs to choose this draft presently in order to win. Of course, I don't think a bad option's been chosen either. In the first place, the unathletic people won't be taking the initiative to say they'd like to participate in this and that now.

Inevitably, the role of the recommended will fall to athletic guys like Sudou and Hirata.