donating money to charity

donating money to charity

More importantly, the resting areas stood at a height of seven or eight meters, giving people the impression of a wide and open space. From there, one could see where different shops were located and observe a part of the structure of the Golden Maze.

The shops were more than three meters in height, and there were various shelves set up for visitors to have an excellent shopping experience.

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The ordinary passages were only about two meters tall. The routes were tortuous, and they could be closed off by a mechanism. The intricate and complicated structure made full use of the factory’s space and allowed it to accommodate more customers.

In case of emergencies, people would also be able to find the nearest exit as quickly as possible. Each area had been decorated differently, giving hints on the kind of shops and goods one could find in that area.

Chen Kangtuo held the map of the Golden Maze in his hand. He stopped at almost every step to make sure that they would be able to reach the right destination.

Otherwise, they could walk and walk and suddenly realize that they were exiting the mall.

First, everyone arrived at one of the resting areas. Rows of benches were neatly arranged, and spaces by the sides were reserved for vendors to sell snacks, drinks, and so on.

The ceiling of the resting area was very high. They could see a few shops, but whether they would be able to get there depended on their own skill.

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Chen Kangtuo said, “There’s one problem now. We’re not entirely sure what to sell in the golden zone yet.”

The Golden Maze was split into five main zones. The types of shops and goods to be sold in the other four zones had more or less been decided. There would be souvenirs, clothing, toys, custom-made figurines, and so on. What’s more, most of the stocks had already arrived in the city and could be delivered to the mall in the next two days.

However, they had not decided what to sell in the golden zone in the middle.

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The investors all turned to look at Boss Pei.

Boss Pei had thought of the Golden Maze, and half of the income generated by the shopping mall would go to him. Obviously, his words were the most authoritative.

Pei Qian sniggered inwardly. If I could, I would hope that nothing would be sold here. I would give everything away for free...

Yet, that was impossible.

After some thought, Pei Qian asked, “What’s the golden zone like exactly?” Chen Kangtuo looked at the map in his hands. “The Golden Maze has five zones, and each zone has one big shop. “They are the orange, blue, wine-red, purple, and golden zones. There are also small and moveable shops that can be configured according to the existing products in the mall.

“The plan for the first four zones has already been more or less decided. They would sell figurines, quality souvenirs, themed costumes with headwear, and interesting gadgets.