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I understood as soon as the match began.

(Forcefully proposing a match like a child, but cheating under the surface like this…)

Although she’s a second-year student, and sitting in the responsible position of『Student Council President』, she’s a little wicked…

But, how nostalgic.

(Cheating in card games, was bamboo geezer’s forte…)

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When I was a child.

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I would always pester bamboo geezer saying「How did you do that!? Teach me!」, whenever he cheats during a game.

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Remembering those old days, I played the game indifferently.

Fortunately, the president’s cheat seems to be quite petty.

I have plenty of time to prepare.

Then we finished two battles, three battles and – I completed my preparations.

(This should be enough… Next, I’ll just have to wait for the president to make the first move.)

After that, life was taken and given out repeatedly.

It had become a see-saw like game.

And when we approached the seventh battle,