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“Wait. Do you accept? Or no?”

“I am going in alone, but I’m not choosing to work alone throughout. When the special exams start, I’ll merge with another group if necessary.”

If it had been a one-on-one match it would be possible to decide the winner, but now it wouldn’t be a fair fight.


“Lameness Isn’t a reason to change the way I take the test.”

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Letting Ibuki know that she was wasting her energy, Horikita rebuffed her.

“If you insist on fighting alone, then even if I form a group, try not to lose. If you win, then I’ll recognise you a bit.”

“…Not better.”

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Looks like negotiations seem to have broken down as it was impossible for Horikita and Ibuki to team up.

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However, provoking her until the end would definitely have strengthened Ibuki’s resolve to fight on her own. I softly apologized to Ishizaki, and then went back to the classroom with Horikita.

“You knew from the start that Ibuki wouldn’t be able to accept it, right? You’re too kind.”

“I wanted to provoke her into doing something reckless in order to disqualify her.”

Horikita wasn’t being honest with herself, but this kind of answer felt very much like her.

The end of the first semester had come much sooner than I had anticipated.

We had to move on to our next objective as soon as possible.

It’s been a year since we last left school and headed for the port, where we boarded a large passenger ship to some unknown deserted island. This time not even a moment of respite was given, and tomorrow morning, the special exams would be announced to start. The students, who were told to gather in the classroom for a brief explanation, went to their classes, waiting for their homeroom teacher to show up. Meanwhile, there was a brief checklist on the screen with reminders like, “Is there anything you have forgotten?”

You were allowed to bring a change of underwear for up to a week, which was necessary to maintain hygiene. Cell phones were required, but they’d probably be confiscated at the start of the exam. Even if you were allowed to bring one, there wouldn’t be a signal on the island, so it’d just be extra baggage. They were probably there for paying your penalty or buying items on the ship.

While waiting for the sound of the bell to signify the start, Keisei, who seemed to be once again checking to make sure he hadn’t forgotten anything, came to my seat with a grim expression on his face.

“Honestly, surviving on an uninhabited island isn’t something very good at. You might as well ask me to catch a cloud.”