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A student nearby paused studying and looked at us.

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“Sorry, sorry, I was too loud. I was happy since I got a problem right. The person who came up with inductive reasoning is Francis Bacon, you know? I won’t forget since I learned it once~”

Ike said while laughing in joy.

“Huh? … By any chance, are you guys in class D?”

A group of boys nearby all looked at us all at once. At their reaction, Sudou bristled up in irritation.

“So what? So what if we’re in class D. Do you have any problems with that?”

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“No no, we don’t have any problems with that. I’m Yamawaki, in class C. Nice to meet you.

Yamawaki looked at us while laughing.

“Well, how should I say it… I guess it’s good that this school divides classes by ability. That way I don’t have to study with people like you guys.”


The one who bursted out in anger was, obviously, Sudou.

“You’re just getting mad at the truth. If we fought inside of the school, I wonder which class’ points will be deducted. Oh wait, you don’t have points to start with. Thing is, you’ll probably get expelled, you know?”

“You wanna fight? Bring it on!”

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Sudou’s outburst attracted the attention of the others in the quiet library.

If this situation becomes worse, the teachers will probably find out about it.

“He’s right. If you create a disturbance, we don’t know what’ll happen. You should keep in mind that getting kicked out is really possible. And I don’t mind that you’re badmouthing us, but you’re in class C, right? It’s not really a class you should brag about.”