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This is the only moment that I have a chance to end this.

I puffed up my chest and announced loudly!

“I-I w-wanted to use this as my last chance! I-I-I want to ‘end’ this relationship in my own style! Tendou-san! Please listen to me!”

“Hmm? A-Amano-kun? W-What are you talking about…”

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Tendou-san is oblivious to the situation, and her eyes are rolling. Everyone around us is observing with a confused look.

I…have never blushed this hard before in my life.

Even so, to “end” this completely…

I still yelled at the top of my lungs and channeled all my feelings…to Tendou-san!

“Karen Tendou-san! I…I love you!”

“Hiya!” “!”

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Tendou-san let out a weird noise as she blushed and even leaned backward out of her shock. All of my friends bulged their eyes, and the people in the station stopped.

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This is so embarrassing, I want to die. I want to disappear.

However, even so, …I still didn’t stop.

I continued my confession.

“I love your smile! Your smile pulled this plain and useless boy out of his miserable daily lives. It makes me sincerely attracted to you!”

“Eh, wait a minute, A-Amano-kun…”

Tendou-san freaked out. How poor of her for being dragged down by my weird move. Although I thought about this, I have to do this for a proper “ending.”

I continued once again.