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“Who knows.”

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Ryuuen laughed as he avoided the question, and then remembered something completely unrelated.

And that was the conversation involving Hashimoto and Kanzaki, which happened about an hour ago.

Li Shi silently finished his cigarette outside Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.

After hearing his subordinate’s report, Li Shi started to really question his judgment.

Although Fu Hui Investments wasn’t considered an exceptionally top-notch investment firm in the country-in a place like Jingzhou, everyone should have at least heard of it, right?

Now, even though he had proactively reached out, this Boss Pei was still not moved and had speedily rejected his offer?

This did not seem logical.

After all, within this circle, similar investments were rather common.

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If any venture capitalist came knocking, most targeted companies would choose to hear them out first, to see what the terms of the offer were.

If they really weren’t pleased and a deal could not be struck, at most both parties could go their separate ways and perhaps find future opportunities to collaborate; no one would lose out from this experience.

Incidents like this where a flat-out rejection had occurred were really rare.

Li Shi was after all a seasoned investor, and he wasn’t that shaken by such a small setback. He tried to shake off the smell of smoke on him as he returned to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe again.

Li Shi noticed that Pei Qian had already stopped scribbling and drawing on his notebook. However, he continued to look seriously at it as if still thinking.