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We really didn’t know. “Truth” is a weapon that can be acquired through the accumulation of trust. It’s an option that doesn’t exist for either Horikita or myself. Its strength feels small, but it’s a powerful double-edged sword that can be used at the cost of losing trust.

“At this point, most of the hatred towards me was redirected towards others. The boys started fighting each other, the girls were pulling each other’s hair and knocking each other over. The classroom was a mess. It was all truly amazing.”


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“This is the truth of the incident……”

“The class became inoperable because of the disruption that I had caused. Of course, I was scolded by the school, but all I did was write anonymously on my blog. Besides, I was just telling the truth to my classmates, so the school was unsure of how to issue any punishment.”

She spoke quietly, but every word carried unspeakable weight.

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“Now, unlike back in middle school, I don’t know much about the others in Class D. Despite this, I still have the ‘truth’ to make a few people fall apart. This is my only weapon right now.”

This was a threat. She means that if we tell anyone, we have to be aware of the consequences.

All she would need to do is use the truth, and she could cause a rift in Class D which had just begun to unite together. If this happened, the progressive atmosphere in the class would probably disappear.

“It was a mistake to use the Internet as an outlet to vent my own stress. So many unknown people will see what you write, and it will remain there forever. So I quit blogging. These days I manage my stress by spilling it out when I’m alone.”

She was talking about the other side of Kushida that I had seen before. It was that time when she had been spitting out insults.

“Do you want to remain as you are right now?”

“This is what makes my life worthwhile. I love being respected and noticed by everyone. When I’m told secrets that are only confessed to me, I feel something beyond my wildest imaginations.”

To know the anxiety, suffering, shame, or hope that others keep within their own hearts.

This was Kushida’s forbidden fruit.

“It’s a dull past, right? But for me, it’s everything.”

The smile on Kushida’s face disappeared. Having now revealed her past, we became her true enemies. From now on, she would pursue victory without the slightest bit of sympathy.