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June 25th, Friday night…

Singing continued to echo throughout Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. However, the seats at the bottom of the stage were empty. There were only two or three people seated, drinking alcohol.

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The singer was listless; people listening to him off-stage were falling asleep.

Ma Yang’s face was a mask of worry.

What should he do?!

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As the competition around the various Fish-Catching Internet Cafes intensified, the Fish-Catching Internet Cafes were getting fewer and fewer customers.

Although they had a resident singer, the other bars around had more than that. They also had discounts on all their drinks on the menu!

Those bars were crowded and lively. Many of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s old customers were jumping ship, too.

After all, most people came to bars to play and socialize. Few people wanted to drink in a cold, quiet place. What’s more, this place was not cheap.

This new resident singer sang well, but he was a far cry from Chen Lei’s standard. Naturally, he could not attract as many customers.

The fewer people there were, the less motivation he had. The less motivation he had, the more distracted he sounded when he sang. It was a vicious cycle.

“Brother Qian told me not to do anything. Yet, I feel guilty…”

Ma Yang drank on his own, feeling pained.

Fish-Catching Internet Cafe was continuing to incur losses. Even Fish-Catching Take-Out was not improving. When it rained, it poured. Ma Yang was beginning to seriously doubt himself.

On a chair in the corner of the internet cafe, Li Shi sipped his cocktail. He could not help his lips from curling upwards.

Indeed, these people are too inexperienced to compete with me.