Can the cherry blossom online make money?

Can the cherry blossom online make money?

This brother is good.

He spends as much as I give him?

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Cold-Faced Lady had been burning money through marketing previously but the burning speed was not fast enough. He managed to increase his burning rate after getting the six million yuan investment?

After some thought, Pei Qian asked, “How’s the response?”

He Desheng said, “The response is very strong!”

“That’s because the cold-faced lady had already obtained a certain amount of popularity and attention based on internet marketing. It can be considered an internet celebrity food and beverage brand. The popularity has increased with more investment now.”

“The entire marketing campaign has been upgraded, including many television and online shows. This has greatly improved the brand image of the Cold-Faced Lady in the eyes of ordinary consumers.”

“Initially, many people thought that this was just roasted cold noodles and snacks. However, after webshows and television stations introduced the business model, everyone realized that ‘cold-faced lady’ was very new and popular. Naturally, they had the urge to understand it.”

“What’s more, Meng Chang is fully utilizing his eloquence. These speeches would definitely attract widespread attention. More and more people would think of Meng Chang as a ‘business mentor’. Then, everyone’s understanding and trust in the brand ‘cold-faced lady’ would naturally increase significantly.”

This was what they meant by marketing could make up for the lack in quality of products.

What Meng Chang was doing now could be summarized as marketing, but it was targeted at several different aspects.

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Opening shops, buying trending searches, buying placement advertisements, and so on were all to continue expanding their popularity. Letting online programs and television stations report them could be considered to be using these news programs to promote them. It would make more consumers trust the ‘cold-faced lady’ more. As for making speeches, it was to tie himself and the brand ‘cold-faced lady’ together.

He had to admit that Meng Chang’s thinking was different from ordinary people.

Ordinary people’s thinking was to first create a successful enterprise, and then package themselves as successful entrepreneurs.

However, Meng Chang’s idea was to package himself as a successful entrepreneur first. Then, his business would naturally be regarded as a successful enterprise.