Make money on the Internet is true?

Make money on the Internet is true?

It was like “something foreign was mixed in”. A strange feeling.

(What was that power…)

As I looked at my right hand,


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Clown-san, who crashed into the wall, slowly got up.

「Man… As expected of Allen-san, you easily exceeded my expectations!」he laughed in his usual light tone, and very happily for some reason.

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「Clown-san, it is my victory. Please let me see Rain.」

「I don’t really like it, but a promise is a promise.」he said, shrugging his shoulders.

It looks like he’ll keep his promise.

「Thank you very much.」

A lot of things happened, but we finally took a step forward.

(All that’s left is whether Rain knows about the『spot』or not.)