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He picked up his microphone and ranted to the audience about how sanctimonious the judge was. He accused the latter of being a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing and explained how the judge had shamelessly stolen the male protagonist’s beloved before dumping the kind-hearted girl.

He cursed and swore at the judge with the ugliest language that he knew, releasing pent-up feelings of indignance, regret, and rage.

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The entire place grew silent.

After that short silence, everyone burst out with applause!

Even the judge who had just been cursed and sworn at clapped as he laughed and held up his thumb towards the male protagonist.

The female judge next to him looked deeply moved. Wiping her tears, she immediately hit the button in front of her to express her approval of the male protagonist.

Four circles lit up in front of the judges.

That was four votes. The male protagonist had made it.

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The lights immediately began to flash, and multi-colored smoke appeared on the stage, along with other special effects.

This meant that many people watching online had been moved by the male protagonist’s performance and were tipping him from where they were.

The male protagonist looked at the dazzling numbers on stage. Thanks to these tips, he had earned much more in the past few minutes than he had in the past few years.

The judge whom he cursed and swore at highly praised his performance. The former explained how it had been a long time since he had watched such a satisfying talk show.

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The judge extended a symbol of peace to the male protagonist, expressing his wishes to help the male protagonist create a television program.