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That was because he had no interests with the superheroes. He was giving directions with the perspective of God, so Phil himself had no flaws. The people were very supportive and encouraged his behavior. The other superheroes had to worry about the public’s influence even if they were unhappy and wanted to teach Phil a lesson.

Ten months passed just like that.

The fans that Phil had accumulated as a mentor in the “Successor” program had been perfectly converted into his personal fans. A large number of people really believed that Phil was a person with genuine talent.

Everyone knew that Phil had assistants but which superhero did not have assistants and managers? It was very normal to have assistants. Most people still believed in Phil’s personal abilities.

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Ten months later, Phil finally found another opportunity.

This time, the black apprentice in ‘Successor’ was severely injured and made unconscious by a super criminal who was stronger than him because of his misjudgment of the criminal’s strength.

Phil, who was this black apprentice mentor, could be said to be the guide of this apprentice. His evaluation of this matter naturally had a weight in the public’s mind.

Phil first went to the hospital to visit this black apprentice. His sad expression was moving. At that moment, the barrier between white people and black people, rich people and commoners seemed to have been broken. Everyone only saw the sincere feelings between a mentor and his apprentice.

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Phil met the girlfriend of this black apprentice and gave her many precious gifts as condolences. He also very generously expressed that he would pay for all the medical expenses of this black apprentice.

The black apprentice’s girlfriend was deeply moved. She talked about her daily life with the black apprentice in front of the camera.

The black apprentice respected Phil very much. He felt that Phil had been kind to him. He would ask himself before each mission: What would Mentor Phil do if he encountered such a situation? No matter whether the missions he completed were successful or not, he would always reflect upon the situation: Would there have been a better way to deal with such a situation if Mentor Phil was the one who encountered it?

In the end, the black apprentice’s girlfriend repeated the famous words of a superhero senior: With great power comes great responsibility. She hoped that Phil could become a superhero and really contribute to changing the world.

Phil was silent for a long time, but he did not give an immediate answer. Instead, he said that he would consider it and then announced his decision on Twitter.

Two days later, Phil posted an inspiring tweet.

He said that his current life was relaxed and comfortable, and he had a career that he was willing to fight for. Becoming a superhero meant that he had to give up his media company and his current free life. This was a huge sacrifice for him.