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If he really made a sniper rifle or machine gun and tweaked the stats so that these weapons could immediately destroy all monsters, the system would definitely not allow this.

Hence, although Pei Qian intended to secretly sneak a weapon into the game, he couldn’t go overboard at that.

We parted with Fu on the rooftop and ran down the stairs.

We cut down the enemies we encountered on the way before they could call for backup.

As a result, we were able to reach the tenth floor where the spot is located without stopping at all.

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And then we aimed for Zack’s room, which was just around the corner.

「T-There they are! Allen Rodore and his gang!」

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One man noticed us and shouted. And as many as 30 members gathered in no time.

「That’s a lot…」

It’s pretty tough to take on that number at the same time in such an exhausted state.

(But fortunately… This is a straight corridor!)

If it is a straight corridor without anywhere to take cover, I can settle this in one attack.

「Sixth Sword – Dark Roar!」

I mustered what little spiritual power I had, and released a slash of darkness.