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As to why this team could finally complete the task of finding the Zerg Queen’s Nest...

Initially, Qin Yi thought that it was because of the sacrifices of the other team members, his perseverance, and his luck in escaping death countless times.

However, Qin Yi suddenly felt that these reasons were both reasonable and unreasonable.

From the commander’s point of view, he had another view on this matter.

In fact, the combined fleet had sent out so many teams. Each team had the same combat ability as AS-371-45. Some teams were even stronger.

From the looks of it, as long as the strategy was right, teams would eventually come to the Zerg Queen’s nest. It would have been another team even if it wasn’t Team AS-371-45.

For Captain Qin Yi, such a result was obtained through the sacrifice and bloodbath of all the members of the AS-371-45 team. For Commander Qin Yi, it was a result of precise calculation.

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Of course, there could be errors in calculations, and strategies could fail. However, it was obvious that even without the AS-371-45 team, the outcome of this war would not be much different.

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Qin Yi no longer paid attention to his team. Instead, he focused on the overall situation.

The overwhelming sea of insects was already brewing. It was like a surging black tide, or like a dark cloud gathering in a strong wind. Every second was precious.

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Qin Yi did not say anything. He skillfully operated the control panel and began to direct this battle.

Under Qin Yi’s control, the troops faced the swarm of bugs one by one. Countless soldiers were swallowed by the sea of bugs. The dense firepower suppression blasted deep pits and ravines on the surface of the planet.