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“W-Why are you…”

The main subject of our discussion and my girlfriend – Aguri is here.

“Huh? Amano has changed recently?”

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Aguri seemingly gave us a “c’mon” from the bottom of her heart as she tilted her head. However, the three of us weren’t convinced, and we stared at her full of resolute as we nodded.

…It’s been 10 minutes since Aguri’s in the Game Club clubroom.

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Initially, she was pissed with her boyfriend secretly meeting with other girls behind her. But after we tried our best to explain to her, she finally barely forgave us.

Even so, we skipped the part where we’re getting jealous of how intimate Amano and Aguri is. In our words, we’re only discussing how Keita Amano’s values have changed.

Although Aguri’s temper cooled down, …comparatively, she questioned our topic.

She held her hands around the back of her head, and even swinging the chair with the back chair leg as balance as she continued.

“What’s going on? Is that really serious enough for three people to go out of their way and gather here to discuss?”

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The content’s really weak when we’re just talking about this topic. This misunderstanding only occurs because we can’t mention our suspicion of Amano and Aguri’s relationship.

Just as we’re scrambling our brains for an excuse. Suddenly, Tendou exhaled from her nose as she started yelling.

“This is already serious enough! It’s more like, as long as it’s related to Amano-kun, everything in this world matters!”

“Yep, I don’t want to hear a super biased opinion from one of the idiotic couple.”

“L-Let us forget about me being Amano-kun’s girlfriend first. In reality, he’s the central figure of the Game Hobby Club. Don’t you think it’s a big issue for the Hobby Club when a person like this started to neglect video games?”