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To a partner like this, it’s natural for the feeling of “perhaps this counts as cheating” to show up. It’s like I won’t have any feelings for my little brother when we’re in the room alone.

However, …that’s why.

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Aguri-san sighed while mumbling.

“I guess…this is where I’m wrong at.”


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It looks like she’s the same as me, she also treated this double date as an activity to announce our game over.

It’s hard to blame her. After all, …if you just want to go out with your boyfriend or girlfriend, a regular date will satisfy that. As for double dates, …only couples that are still too embarrassed to go out alone will do it. Or it’s when two pair of couples are so close to each other that it turned into a “friend circle” and have ideas like this.

However, in our situation, …both sides have already gone on a date more than once. Moreover, the two pairs of couples aren’t that close to each other. It’s especially Tendou-san and Aguri-san, they still can’t act naturally when they see each other.

In other words, when Uehara-kun and Tendou-san are suggesting a “double date” explicitly in this situation, we can see that they mean something else.

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As for the meaning behind all this, …it’s clear as water when you consider where we are.

This means that…

“Clearly, …Tendou-san is trying to go out with Uehara-kun, and Uehara-kun is trying to get Tendou-san to enjoy with him in the amusement park publicly. That’s why they suggested a double date, …am I right?”