Teacher public account online

Teacher public account online


This explanation was too unexpected, Tendou and I were shocked by it.

However, Hoshinomori let out a “Hmph” from her nose and sat down elegantly with an “I finally got it” attitude-

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“No, no, no, no, no! We didn’t understand at all!”

Tendou and I immediately commented. During this time, Hoshinomori stopped us with a “please wait for a moment,” then she closed her eyes for almost 20 seconds…before mumbling.

“I sorted it out.”

“You sorted it out?”

Sorted out what! Eh, is it the settings? You just sorted out the setting for this bluffing, Hoshinomori!

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Just as I’m starting to sweat on my own, Hoshinomori casually started to cover up her lies.

“Actually, my sister has a fateful relationship with Keita on the internet.”

“Eh? A fateful relationship…on the internet?”

“Yes, allow me to skip the details. However, that’s basically fate. Moreover, it’s a very, very deep spiritual connection! Their relationship is ridiculously ideal! Yes!”

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Hoshinomori is somehow very energetic about this and shocked Tendou. Just as I’m observing this scene with a “which movie are we in” tone, Hoshinomori cleared her throat before continuing.

“Then, …forget about Keita for a second, after my little sister Konoha knows that it’s Keita…She…basically…how should I put it…uh…she was so attracted by Keita…”

“Very old-fashioned choice of words!”

From here, we can clearly see that Hoshinomori doesn’t have any experience when it comes to talking about relationships. So, Tendou and I left our complaints at our hearts just to show her some care.