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Don’t mess around. It wasn’t easy for him to create a ruckus. How could we just extinguish him?

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He had to give them some space so that they could rest and recuperate. It would be best if he could nurture a tiger to cause trouble. Once IOI recovered and developed, everyone would be able to burn money happily together.

Lin Wan nodded. “Alright, Boss Pei. We’ll follow our original plan to promote GOG overseas. I’ll keep an eye on IOI.”

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At the same time, in the HR department.

“There is no need for Tengda Corporation to undergo spiritual building?”

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“Don’t care about what the other departments do. Just follow Boss Pei’s instructions strictly in your own department?”


Wu Bin fell into deep thought after hearing Hao Yun’s summary in the gathering yesterday.

Wu Bin was not the person-in-charge of the various departments for the gathering yesterday so he did not attend.

However, Boss Pei had mentioned the Tengda spirit during the gathering after all. The heads of the various departments could not figure out Boss Pei’s true thoughts. Thus, Hao Yun had specially told Wu Bin about this after work today so that he could analyze it.

How could they not be curious even though Boss Pei emphasized that “You don’t have to understand or understand why; you just have to act resolutely”?

There was a profound reason for everything that Boss Pei wanted to do!

These department heads were good at understanding Boss Pei’s intentions. How could they be willing to give up and become tools?