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Ibuki then joins in and starts working in front of the buttons. It seems it's necessary to consider the possibility that help really won't be coming. It's not like I wanted to use Ibuki's idea but I need to consider that kicking down the front door may be necessary. Even if breaking it open is impossible, I might be able to open up a small opening for a human to crawl through.

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I'm not an expert on elevators, but as long as escape to the outside is possible, anything goes.

It's just, if possible, I would like to get out without having to reveal that sort of strength.

"I couldn't cancel, but I don't think you can get the limited express command just through a combination of buttons that gets used daily" Ibuki said.

Of course, using common sense that is obvious. Children sometimes like to play around by mashing the buttons after all. And if the elevator enters limited express mode each and every time, it would inconvenience the other passengers. In other words, the possibility that we won't find that mode with the usual combinations alone is quite high, or that's Ibuki's reasoning at least.

"That might be a good idea...then it might be better to include complex combinations too" I told her.

For example, after pressing a sequence like 1, 6, 5, 5, 4, 2, 4 I could then press the floor I'd like to go to. But that would be hard for people to memorize and it would impose a strict height requirement of at least 6 floors. It would be strange unless one can use it with an elevator that only goes up to 3 floors.

"We should also try using the emergency buttons".

If it reacts only by being pressed, it would be difficult to use it as a command.

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"So in other words...1 or 2 or 3. Close and open on 5?".

"We should assume it's made up of that kind of combination".

But, if there are more combinations than that it would be very difficult to test them all. So Ibuki continues to test the set patterns. And as I watched her do it, I excluded the combinations that failed to work.

"Ahh---it's getting hot".

Gan! Ibuki punches the wall with her fists as if to dissipate her frustration that the heat has caused. Normally, I would give her another warning against this, but since she's satisfied with that alone I decided to leave it be.

"'s not opening. Haven't you tried everything yet?".

"More or less everything. If there's anything left..."