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And even the dormitory isn’t very safe. Rather, even if we were seen once, it could easily become the decisive blow.

But if it came to that, we would just decide on a decisive solution.

“Want to come to my room?” I replied to her, and within a second, it showed that it had been read.

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Was it just a coincidence that she was playing with her phone, or was she waiting for my reply all along?

“’I’ll come!” A short reply from Kei.

“Is it alright if I come now!?”

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The messages were coming one after the other. I replied that I’m coming back now, and that she could come whenever she wanted after 20 minutes. And then she could just come over following the usual guidelines.

Even if someone else was on the same floor, Kei would be able to handle to some extent.

It took me about 10 minutes to get back to the dorm. I kept the door open and used the time to clean my room a little. Then I heard three fierce knocks on the door.

Kei and I have set a few codes for secret meetings. Although it mostly involved ringing the doorbell, I asked Kei to knock three times in urgent situations. That’s because in a dormitory that had a lot of student traffic, sometimes there would be situations when you couldn’t open and close the door at leisure.

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And in an extremely urgent and dangerous situation, entering without a signal was also allowed.

“I’m coming in!”

Kei replied as she panickedly got in through the door.

Then she used force to push the door shut and let out a breath to calm herself down.

“I really panicked when I saw the elevator stop at the 4th floor~!”

Maybe because her heart was beating faster, Kei pressed her hand on her chest.

Since getting through the hallway was fairly difficult, it was no wonder Kei was panicking.

“It’s impossible to hide it forever, you know?”