Multi-mobile phone online make money

Multi-mobile phone online make money

They could rest assured now that Boss Pei was here!

This project would be stable now that Boss Pei was here!

Pei Qian did not know that everyone had so much on their minds. Time was precious. He went straight to the point. “Where are the glasses?”

“Here.” Cai Jiadong immediately took two prototypes of the VR glasses from the side.

After Boss Pei and Meng Chang reached out to take the glasses, he took four controllers from the side and handed them over. “These are the controllers.”

Pei Qian reached out to take it. He fell silent before he could put it on his head.

What was with this unique design?!

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At the moment, most of the VR glasses in the market were of similar shape. From the front, they looked like an ordinary round shaped rectangle or with a slight arc. The color scheme was mainly white and looked rather stiff.

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On the other hand, Slow Movement Studio’s VR glasses were filled with sharp edges. They were wider than ordinary VR glasses and they were dark black and had a high-tech feeling with carbon fiber. There was also a V-shaped with a red and blue light changing effect on it. It looked quite cool.

The entire spectacle was similar to a V-shape, but the angle was not as exaggerated as a V-shape lamp.

There were two inconspicuous circular holes above the V-shaped light. They were the two cameras used for positioning.

Unlike the design of the three straps on the top and sides of ordinary VR glasses, the main part of these VR glasses was relatively independent. The straps were not directly connected to the main body of the glasses, but to the “forehead protection” part.

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The forehead cover was shaped like a crescent moon. The arc fitted perfectly with an ordinary person’s forehead. It was not bare, but had a flat, almost long hexagonal protrusion with Slow Movement Studio’s logo.

That was because it was not connected to the main body of the VR glasses but to the forehead cover above. Thus, the strap did not extend to the back of his head level, but diagonally downwards.