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At that moment I sensed that the space between us would soon become a tense one.

"Who was the one that came up with this plan to swap phones?" she asks me.

"Of course, that's Horikita" I replied.

"I see. Then please tell Horikita-san, that her plan was a huge success"

"Huge success? Don't you mean to say huge failure? It was a crushing and disastrous defeat. Ichinose saw through everything after all" I told her.

"Ahahahaha. You didn't expect us to have thought of the same plan did you?" she replied.

"Sorry. For lying to you like that, even after I agreed to an alliance with you. Are you angry at me?" I asked Ichinose.

"Of course not. We also started our own plan without your knowledge, so we're even" she replied to me.

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"I see. I'm sure Horikita will also be relieved to hear that" I told her.

Having said that, I grabbed my phone and moved to leave the room.

"Waa, wait wait. The important part's not over yet" she stopped me again.

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"The important part?"

"Mou---You're bad at dealing with people, Ayanokouji-kun. Indeed the SIM cards we're given are locked onto their terminals. But, there's a way to release that lock...right? I asked Hoshinomiya-sensei to check but, it seems with enough points, you can unlock the terminal lock right away. That's what she told me" Ichinose said.

Chiri. In that instant, I felt as if an electric current ran through the back of my head.