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Small-scale haunted houses in the country mostly set one fixed path, which led visitors from beginning to end. There were no exits available even if visitors wanted to escape midway through. Thus, they would have no choice but to grit their teeth and complete the journey.

The good thing about those simpler haunted houses was that no workers would be roaming around inside, and the jump scares would not be that frightening. Almost everyone would be able to complete the journey.

Large-scale haunted houses would be much scarier and would have much longer journeys. Those haunted houses would have to install sufficient exit doors along the way so that visitors could leave safely once they felt like they could not withstand it any longer.

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Of course, there would also have to be enough surveillance cameras installed to observe the visitors’ mental states.

Take extremely large haunted houses like ‘Smog Mountain’ State Mental Hospital for example. Understandably, there had been many exits along the way. There had also been employees stationed inside the haunted house, ready to safely escort visitors insisting that they wanted to leave out of the place.

However, after visiting this haunted house, both men had had the same thought: ordinary people could not complete the entire journey in the haunted house, and so it became a waste!

In fact, the group had not been successful the first time that they visited the haunted house.

Bao Xu and Hao Qiong could not even hang in there for ten minutes before they admitted defeat. The ones who stayed in the haunted house for the longest time had been Lin Wan and Li Yada, but they had only hung in there for twenty minutes.

Of course, Li Yada had been forced to stay by Lin Wan. Otherwise, she might have beaten a retreat at the moment that she had entered.

According to their observations, they had not been acting out of the ordinary. After the visitors had bought tickets, they had been made to queue in the waiting area. There, most of them had been almost scared to death by the introductory film, which was meant to heighten the tension. As a result, most of them had given up as soon as they had entered the haunted house. Chen Kangtuo and Hao Qiong both thought that this was a pity.

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The company had worked so hard on producing a terrifying haunted house, but most visitors were being scared off before they even entered. It was an absolute waste.

As the saying went, one had to fatten the pigs before killing them.

It was the same for games. If a company created a torturous game, it would be normal for some people to back off after the initial stages. However, if more than half of the players were backing off at that stage, it meant that there was a problem with the difficulty level.

The difficulty should slowly increase throughout the game. Even if the game really was meant to torture players, it had to give them opportunities to get the hang of the game. It could not torture them and scare them off right at the beginning. If their own haunted house copied ‘Smog Mountain’ State Mental Hospital’s set-up entirely, nobody would end up interested in it.

‘Smog Mountain’ State Mental Hospital could only get a steady flow of visitors because it had already been coined the scariest haunted house in the world. Its reputation had already been established.

On the other hand, their haunted house was going to be in Jingzhou. It had no reputation, and it could not attract visitors from all over the world yet. If they set the barrier too high, they would not be able to recover their capital for sure.

Thus, every visitor would be important.