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After all, with the Task finished, there was no reason to stick around any longer.

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“Is something wrong with Sudō-senpai’s group?”

As she had been watching closely for a while now, Nanase got right to the heart of the matter.

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“As an uninvolved third-party, what does their group look like to you, Nanase? Well, I ask that, but I guess it’d be hard for you to conclude anything since you’ve never met any of them other than Sudō before.”

“Indeed. Then could you perhaps fill me in and tell me a bit about them?”

“Off on Sudō’s left is Ike Kanji, and to his right is Hondō Ryōtarō. They’re the type of people who do stupid things and end up standing out in a bad way… or, well, I guess it might be better to say that they’re the type of people who easily get carried away. But, at the same time, they both really add a lot to the class atmosphere.”

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This definitely felt like an oversimplification.

Though, I probably wasn’t mistaken either, but I’d keep that to myself.

“They aren’t a studious bunch by any means so their group leaves a lot to be desired, but Sudō has plenty of physical strength and Ike has the right skills and experience to camp out on an uninhabited island. And Hondō… Well, Hondō’s a lively guy.”

It wasn’t a bad group of people to be with if the goal was just to get through the exam and enjoy yourself along the way.

“Ike-senpai and Hondō-senpai, is it? They add a lot to the atmosphere…? From what I can tell, that doesn’t really seem to be the case for Ike-senpai; Could he be sick perhaps?”

Despite having never met face-to-face, Nanase was still able to perceive that something was wrong.

Based on the vibe he gave off right now, she was certainly correct in that he didn’t look like someone who added to the atmosphere at all.

“It’s true that he’s usually livening things up in class. While he seems to be in a bit of a funk right now, he should at least be fine physically.”

“So that’s what Ayanokōji-senpai is worried about…”