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Qiao Liang felt that he was being valued by Pei Qian and was instantly energetic. The main designer of the game was watching him play the game and was prepared to listen to his opinions and suggestions at any time. That was such a thing to be proud of!

Teacher Qiao was in high spirits. At that moment, Qiao Liang had finished updating the game. He opened the update list conveniently.

“Eh? The epitaph function is completed?”

Qiao Liang was pleasantly surprised. The problem that he raised previously had been quickly resolved by Boss Pei. That showed that Pei Qian really valued his opinions!

Pei Qian saw the update list, too. He said regrettably, “The epitaph function is only available at the beginning of the game. I don’t think you will be able to use that unless you open a new account.”

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Qiao Liang entered the game as he replied, “That’s alright. I have coincidentally reached the second round.”

Pei Qian was speechless. “…”

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What the f*ck?!

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Teacher Qiao’s words might have sounded nonchalant, but they were akin to a sharp knife that pierced into Boss Pei’s heart. He had reached the second round? Pei Qian had indeed completed the first round. However, he relied on ‘Pudu’ and skipped many stages in the process. He might have only truly experienced about thirty to forty percent of the game.

However, Teacher Qiao was different. He completed the first round without skipping any stage. Moreover, he had experienced a huge challenge in the process. The weapon that he was familiar with was downgraded by an unscrupulous game designer, and he had to familiarize himself with a completely new weapon.

Even if that happened, Teacher Qiao’s progress in the game was about the same as Boss Pei. That comparison made Pei Qian upset… He felt that his mood turned for the worse, and he was starting to doubt himself. He did not doubt his gaming abilities. Boss Pei knew that he was a noob, and he had never doubted that.

What he doubted was mainly the difficulty of the game.

How did Teacher Qiao manage to clear the game when the game’s difficulty had been raised to such a level?

God knew how much effort I spent in increasing the difficulty level for the players when producing the game!