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Wu Bin, therefore, signed up for Tengda’s recruitment examinations decisively, passed all three levels, and became an official full-time employee of Tengda.

He had also carried out a series of fruitful work after that. What satisfied him the most was that he managed to summarize the Tengda spirit and use it to guide the authors of the Zhongdian Chinese Network.

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This was probably described by applying what one had learned, right?

In retrospect, in just six months, his life had undergone earth-shaking changes. Wu Bin could not help but feel deeply moved. The Tengda recruitment examinations this time obviously had more people than what they had previously. That was enough to show that Tengda’s popularity increased substantially within six months.

On the one hand, there were more industries and jobs. On the other hand, the number of people applying for each job had also increased. A couple was cheering for each other outside the entrance of the venue, seemingly taking part in Tengda’s recruitment examinations together. “My dear, do your best; you can definitely do it!”

“Yes, you, too. Your hard work will definitely allow you to make it!”

“We’ll rent a bigger house immediately when we manage to enter.”

“Yes, we will not need to work overtime if we get in. I’ll make delicious food for you every day!”

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“We can definitely get in together! All the best!”

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The two of them encouraged each other before heading to different exam venues.

Such a scene was at play. Most of them came themselves, but some of them dragged the entire family with them, which seemed like a send-off to the army.

The bustling crowd outside the venue reminded Wu Bin of parents who were waiting anxiously outside the school during college entrance examinations.

However, it seemed appropriate as well. The significance of the Tengda recruitment examinations was probably not much different from college entrance examinations.