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However, let’s take a hundred steps back; I can understand the part where I messed up. I am supposed to say, “Please become my friend!” instead of “Please go out with me!” BUT! What I don’t understand is that,

“Why did Tendou-san agree as well?”

I keep ruffling my bangs, trying to think about all this, to the point where it was all messed up.

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No, no matter how I analyze this, this is the part where I don’t have a single clue. I should have been orbital struck into oblivion if I accidentally confessed to Tendou-san, it’s a bad ending, but it made sense! Why did she agree immediately!?

“Also, she accepted that in front of everyone, the class would send me to the guillotine if I dared to tell her this is not what I meant.”

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Tendou-san would be embarrassed if I said that, that’s something I don’t want to see. I tried asking her how she feels, but then it seems her words are stuck in her throat as well, and none of us spoke anything.

So, to avoid all the chaos and attention that would follow soon, we bid farewell to each other in a flash. Two days went by, and we didn’t interact with each other at all, which seems unreasonable, but I don’t even know her phone number.

Also, the big news that “Karen Tendou has a boyfriend” is spreading like wildfire in school when we are in this state, because of that, we have received way too much attention that we can bear.

Moreover, I usually would call in rescue in times like this. For example, Uehara-kun, my only friend in the class, Aguri-san, my professional assistant of relationships and Chiaki, the seaweed. However, they seem to have lost their mind after what happened yesterday, which meant I can’t rely on them for now.

In conclusion, the only thing that’s left right now is the news that I’m dating with Tendou-san, spreading to everyone like a virus.

“It will be way less of a problem if it was just a rumor…”

I looked at the school that appeared outside of the window, and then I let out another sigh again.

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Previously, when Tendou-san invited me to her Game Club, which caused a bit of a stir but that’s all everyone can talk about, so the rumors died down quickly.

But this is different. I confessed to Tendou-san in front of everyone, it’s a well-known fact by now. That’s why I would always feel a tinge of guilt in my heart when I get unfriendly comments, assumptions, and complaints about how I’m no match for her.

Let’s put it this way. It’s like how you will only feel slightly annoyed if someone called you an idiot without any proof. However, if you slept on the bus and didn’t give your seat to someone in need in time, you will feel a sense of guilt even if everyone yelled at you. Like, you knew you did something wrong, you just can’t flush that feeling out of your mind even if others treated you a bit too harsh.

Which is why…

“Man, I really wanted a cute blonde to be my girlfriend as well.”

“Shush! You are way too loud!”