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A cheerful schoolgirl with big cat eyes.

「Year 2 Class A, accountant Ferris-Magdalot. Accountant just in name, and most of the work is thrown to the vice-president. I hope we get along well, though…」


Dark blue hair, cut just before the shoulders.

The right eye is hidden behind bangs and has a face that gives a downer impression as opposed to Lilim-senpai.

She is a little taller than the president, slightly more than 160 cm.

「From the same Year 2 Class A, I am the student council president, Sie-Arcstria. Even if I say the student council president, it’s just in name, and I ask the vice-president to do all the work. Let’s have fun together from now!」

Surprisingly, all of the members of student councils were『only in name』.

(All the work is dumped on the vice-president… is that really okay?)

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Unexpectedly, the relationship between Leia-sensei and No.18-san crossed my mind.

Then we introduced ourselves following the president.

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「I am Allen-Rodore. At the invitation of the president, I joined the student council as general affairs member. Nice to meet you all.」

「I am Ria-Vesteria. A first-year student, nice to meet you.」

「Rose-Valencia. Nice to meet you.」

After we had finished introducing ourselves to each other, we had a pleasant lunch with the six of us.