Is it true that the online removal is true?

Is it true that the online removal is true?

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Pei Qian, “...”

What you say might make sense, but are you sure you are referring to the same luck as I am?

Pei Qian fell silent. “I am not a smart investor; neither do I have any good methods.”

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Li Shi grinned slightly. “That’s right, every successful investor is as humble as you.”

Pei Qian, “...”

Li Shi continued speaking seeing how Boss Pei fell silent. “Boss Pei, how do you explain your moves in ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ if you say you don’t have any methods in your investment?

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“The person who decided to do this project was you. You were the one who gave the project its name; you are the one burning the money to make it popular; you are the one who decided to sell it at a high point; you were the one who found someone to buy back everything at a low price after kicking everyone out... “Boss Pei, please tell, if taking one right decision is luck; then what is a series of right decisions?”

Pei Qian could only sigh silently. “It’s heavenly bad luck.”

Li Shi couldn’t help but chuckle. “Boss Pei, eh, Boss Pei, as humorous as ever.”

“I know that you are always on the guard with other investors. Your clever maneuvers in ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ illustrated this point. However, we don’t mind in the least. This is absolutely natural. We would not think you are a qualified investor otherwise, because that would mean you are not ruthless enough.

“In short, you are already very generous to allow us to take a sip from your bowl.

“Therefore, it is alright even if your words are always bordering between truth and falsehoods. I’m used to such a communication method.”

Pei Qian, “...”