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“At last, …I think Mizumi-kun was kissed by that beautiful girl in the end.”

“Uwah, damn you. No one can mess around with him.”

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Kousei and I cursed immediately. In these 15 minutes, we’ve already acknowledged our place as side characters so much that it’s annoying. …The mess that we’re dragged in is beyond troublesome. Yet, the protagonist just took all the rewards away. Life’s tough for a side character.

During this time, Kase-senpai got his glasses off and started wiping them with a towel. Kousei looked at him dazedly…and mumbled quietly.

“…His handsomeness skyrocketed after removing the glasses. …Seriously, this person’s just the same. Why is he such a great side character…?”

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Even Mii, who’s still on my head, nodded at what Kousei said.

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“I saw it just then. In the end, Gakuto-nii-chan…killed all the enemies with a long rifle and saved Eiichi-nii-chan in danger.”

“What a great side character!”

Kase-senpai’s cunning! He completely knows his role! He’s super close with Eiichi Mizumi! For people like us, our roles are literally just “passerby high school boy” and “a little girl that barely relates to the plot (guest performance)” only!

When the three boys (one of them has a little girl on his back) leaned on the bench exhaustedly, Mizumi, who doesn’t seem tired at all, clapped his hands.

“Alright, everyone, let’s help Mii find her mom again!”

“…Uh, I feel like a lost child’s not that important anymore, right?”

“No, it’s still really important! What are you guys talking about!? I should say why Mii doesn’t care anymore even though you’re the lost one!?”

“Eiichi-nii-chan,...I got it. My family…doesn’t really matter to me! I’ll try to live on my own determinedly!”

“You didn’t get it! I-I’m sorry. I can’t believe I dragged everyone into a mess that changed how a child views her life…”


Everyone complained at the same time except Mizumi. “Ugh…” He backed down. …Sigh, there’s no point dilly dallying around like this. So, we cheered and picked ourselves up again.